cook chill Guide – Leveling the Cooking Profession

As one of the most often overlooked methods of making gold in World of War craft, cooking is a valuable secondary profession that can both save and generate gold. Cooking can really help players when leveling or questing because it can save gold on health potions and even provide some pretty useful buffs. Cooking used to be a pretty dead-end gold making wise, but it’s actually become quite profitable with recent updates and patches. However, it’s not really possible to make a profit with a low cooking level. By cooking and knowing what’s in demand, you’ll also be able to recognize the materials (mats) that are going to sell well in the Auction House. One of the most popular cooking mats is chilled meat, which both Alliance and Horde cooks use generously in many recipes. A favorite recipe that includes chilled meat is Northern Stew, which can be cooked and sold for significant profit in the Auction House. It’s easy to make a few hundred gold per day selling chilled meat during peak hours. Still, while selling mats can definitely turn a nice profit, it’s much better in the long run to actually profit from recipes instead.


The basic goal for you as a cook to make gold is to level your cooking until you can start participating in the Dalian Cooking Dailies, which will award you some nice Dalian Cooking Awards. You can make a ton of gold making and farming these recipes. Unfortunately, these dailies are only possible in the cooking level 350 range. Although level 350 may seem out of reach at first, leveling cooking can be extremely easy and inexpensive. If you have the gold to just buy the mats right out of the auction house to level cook chill, It might be better to do that as it is much easier and can save gold In the long run (time is gold, as they say). If you’re at starting from a slightly less financially sound position, Fishing can be a very frugal way to level your culinary skills.

Catching fish can be a great way to level up your cooking profession and can make the entire process much more cost-effective if you’re struggling a little in the wallet. Gathering other meats is also cost-effective, but usually takes a little more effort. If most of your playing time is devoted to questing or grinding, you may find that other meat is easier to acquire than fishing. If you’ve read this far, you’re probably feeling a little frustrated and thinking something along the lines of So where exactly is this cooking guide, anyways. There are a lot of paths that you can choose to take you from level 1-450 with any profession, and there’s no right or wrong recipes to use. Don’t get too caught up in the details and strain yourself trying to make sure every recipe is within a set list of approved leveling recipes, because there is no such thing.